What can big data do for the shipping sector?

It’s exciting to be inside an industry on the precipice of massive change.  

Doubly so when the industry is so critical to our daily lives.  

Shipping is evolving, and nowhere is that more true than in how we’re collecting, interpreting and using data to make better choices.  

The Maritime Executive has a great article titled “[What Can Vessel Data Do For You],” and it’s worth a read.  

Data is how we, as an industry, will hit environmental and sustainability targets as we move towards decarbonisation.

Data will also show us how to run our shipping businesses more efficiently, optimizing routes and keeping our goods flowing as consumers expect.  

Most importantly, data is the key to safer and better-managed shipping industry. The more data we can collect and interpret, the faster we’ll identify risk areas and make changes accordingly.  

At BunkerTrace, having built a business based on the value of quality data, we’re excited to see the industry join us in a better-informed future.      

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