Cooperative Bebeka

Our first trial was conducted in partnership with Cooperative Bebeka, on October 3, 2019, in Vlissingen, Netherlands.

The Boskalis-owned dredger, ‘Prins der Nederlanden’ was bunkered with 900 cubic meters (CBM) of ISO 8217:2010 compliant fuel supplied by Minerva with a unique tracer added. The trial used a tracer - added to the fuel as it was loaded onto a Minerva bunker barge, via a dosing pump on the fuel line. Bureau Veritas verified that the fuel line and receiving cargo tanks were empty. As the fuel was bunkered, the crew of the Prins der Nederlanden used an on-board sampling kit to test for the presence of the tracer.
The test took under two minutes and was able to detect the presence of the mark at two parts per billion in the fuel. Samples of fuel were collected before and after the tracer was added for further analysis.

This trial demonstrated the readiness of the BunkerTrace system to transform IMO 2020 bunker fuel compliance and increase transparency and traceability in the marine fuel supply chain.

Good Fuels

In February of 2019 before the joint venture, BLOC and GoodFuels traced the successful delivery of sustainable biofuels to the BHP-chartered, NYK-owned bulk carrier Frontier Sky. The blockchain fuel assurance platform was used to verify the CO2 savings, the chains of custody on delivery, and that only sustainably produced and traceable biofuels were used.

This trial was conducted in a real world setting to capture the biofuel delivery from BHP, and to create a complete digital audit trail, with extended functionality for biofuels and emissions tracking.
This was an important demonstration of how blockchain technology could play a role in creating a global, trusted traceability system, and build the trust necessary for broader adoption of cleaner fuels both in terms of meeting 2020 sulphur cap requirements and the IMO’s 2050 decarbonisation goal. Biofuels offer an innovative approach to more sustainable bunker fuel. It’s important for us to ensure the biofuel we use is sustainably produced and traceable.

This case study validates that BunkerTrace can improve productivity and reliability in the bunker fuel supply chain and enable trustful tracking of both the provenance and carbon savings.