Sample Assurance

Samples are key evidence in a quality dispute and are often tampered with. To prevent this, surveyors add an embedded seal in the field to secure and prove a sample's authenticity & integrity.

Fuel & Vessel Assurance

Upstream or downstream marking and tracing of fuel as proof of quality and authenticity and on board fuel management practices. For verified, trusted evidence in insurance claims, disputes and compliance.


Origin marking of certified feedstocks and sustainable fuel blends. Digital tracing and reporting on chain of custody and emissions profiles. Tokenised carbon credits to access government and market incentives.

Product Features

Molecular Tag

With non-invasive synthetic DNA tagging.

Mobile App

Blockchain authentication & in-field data collection.

Detect & Measure

Verify authenticity in minutes with lab detection unit.

Smart Data

Immutable traceability of operations.

BunkerTrace achieves digital and physical traceability through a unique combination of technologies via a simple-to-use online application.


Origin and data related to grade and specification are recorded and embedded into a unique identifier tag. This tag is mixed in with the fuel in small amounts and remains present as the fuel travels through the supply chain.


By digitally tracing the markers throughout a fuel’s journey, our system provides an immutable audit trail that can be easily verified with a test via our lab detection unit by BunkerTrace trained surveyors.

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