To tag the fuels, we utilise short single strands of synthetic DNA to provide a virtually unlimited number of unique, secure codes (fingerprints), which are linked to the information about the origin and specification of the fuel using the BunkerTrace App.

The primary components of the integrated solution include:

Tag: A synthetic DNA tag that is applied in multiple locations confirming detailed product origin information via lab-quality analysis. This provides each batch of fuel with unique identifiers.


Flag: A highly sensitive molecular label (additional flag) that can quickly identify, in-the-field, if a certified product has been adulterated via an approximately 1-3 minute test conducted on board a ship with our portable hardware testing device.


Trace: A software application to record and verify all of this information in order to a read-only database (distributed ledger). This is done through our users’ inputs and the automated recording of bunker delivery transactions and sign-offs. All data is private, securely stored and the permissions of visibility are controlled by the users.

When combined, these elements create an immutable audit trail that follows the fuel throughout the supply chain.