The world doesn’t run without shipping. And those ships don’t run without fuel.  


The shipping industry created the global economy, yet sadly the fuel enabling that creation wreaked havoc on our planet.  


We know we have to do better. We will do better.  


What we cannot do, what we will not do, is risk the operation of our fleets while we as an industry work out how best to make our environmental targets a reality. This is why we started BunkerTrace. 

Like you, we are committed to protecting this planet and our industry, and we’ll do our part by protecting the business of fuel 


To accomplish this, we use synthetic DNA and blockchain to clarify the origin, composition and quality of fuels – radically shifting away from long-standing, traditional paper-based processes. 


We provide the knowledge of where your fuel is from, what effect sourcing that fuel has and what happened to it at every step.  


This knowledge provides security and protection around fuel and ensures a smoother transition to a greener and more sustainable future. 


Know your fuel. Know your future.